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Flower Power + Aromatherapy

Each season brings with it a certain fragrance that drifts through the air. As flowers begin to bloom, we are reminded of the power of Mother Nature and the ever-changing beauty that occurs all around us. Smell is one of the most powerful senses most beings share. It is there to entice us, warn us and can even evoke certain emotions on a very deep level. The smell of grandma’s spaghetti, the lure of freshly baked bread, the petrichor of fresh rain – all have a power over the human psyche and are able to transport us back decades or even elevate our mood with just one whiff.

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing using essential oils and natural plant extracts. Many people consider it both an art and a science that creates emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical balance via natural botanicals. Every plant has a very specific purpose within the complex diversity of the planet. Aromatherapy allows us to tap into the healing power of plants and utilise them to our benefit, as they were intended.

Some examples of plant power include..

  • lavender for calming & mood stabilising

  • peppermint for invigorating & promoting focus

  • tea tree for immune boosting & antimicrobial properties

  • lemon for energy & mood lifting

  • rose for hormone balancing & libido enhancing

  • ylang-ylang for relaxing & de-stressing

  • eucalyptus for cooling & energising

  • black pepper for anxiety & cravings

As the essence of plants is able to immediately have an effect on our psyche and emotional state through uplifting and invigorating our senses, they also work on a much deeper level and help to restore balance and address the root cause of an ailment. By reducing and alleviating stress, the body is able to focus on healing at a cellular level through the process of autophagy – similar to what happens when you detox. Aromatherapy is a beautiful gateway for eliminating disease and obtaining wholesome vitality through working in accordance with the natural rhythms and offerings of the planet.

There are many ways for integrating aromatherapy into your life – such as diffusing/burning essential oils, applying a couple of drops to the palms of your hands & inhaling, adding them to a facial steam bowl, diluting them with distilled water to make a hydrating mist or blending oils with carriers to make natural perfumes.

Our favourite range of beautiful aromatherapy products is by local Byron based Sacred Flower who believes in the power of nature and flower remedies to relieve stress, enhance wellbeing and to restore inner peace and happiness.


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