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Our retreats may help you if

You lack energy to get through the day

You have digestion or sleep issues

Hormonal imbalances are impeding your quality of life

You feel tired, stressed and burnt out

You feel you need to reset your mind, body and soul and re-align your personal balance

You feel as though you have lost your connection to self

Let go of not only the physical toxins but also the mental and emotional stress that holds you back from living your optimum life.


Cleanse with us, heal your body, mind and soul and awaken to renewed clarity and vitality. Byron Bay Detox 6-night Signature Detox Retreats are offered in healing sanctuaries both by the ocean and hinterland.


With a maximum of 18 guests, and from the moment you arrive you will feel held by our nurturing staff as we offer a personalised and healing atmosphere to help you relax, attend to your health, wellbeing and energy. Your experienced facilitator will be there with you each step of the way.


Immerse in nature walks, as well as healing spa treatments, meditation, yoga, sound healing, saunas, colonics, consultations and workshops. Untangle yourself from things no longer nourishing you and embody healthier ways of living and being.

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We look forward to connecting soon, as we await you in good health and open hearts.

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