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Supercharge your Lifestyle with Byron Bay Detox Greens

Byron Bay Detox Retreats’ uniquely organic super green blend has been formulated by detoxification specialist and naturopath Natalie Purcell to support detoxification and revitalise your body.

Natalie has devoted her life’s work to purification and has helped thousands of souls overcome toxic lifestyle and exposure to polluted environments and understands how important alkalising our bodies is to prevent disease – so to provide an extra helping hand she has created this organic detox blend.

This gift from nature is a potent and vital mix of alkalising and antioxidant-rich vegetables, algaes, herbs and extracts in an exciting, vegan-friendly and gluten-free product.

In deciding what organic greens Natalie would choose to freeze-dry (so they’d keep all the good stuff) and include in her powdery potion, she selected an alkalising mix designed to support detoxification, the absorption of nutrients into our bodies and to nourish us on a cellular level.

The unique blend includes 100% organic spirulina, chlorella (cracked cell), moringa, alfalfa, broccoli, celery leaf, peppermint, lime peel, stevia leaf, L Glutamine and St Mary’s thistle. The blend also has ACO certification.

Benefits of Byron Bay Detox Greens

  • Alkalise

  • Cleanse

  • Support Liver

  • Heal Gut

  • Increase Energy


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