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Anti-Ageing Food Rules

The food you choose to eat is one of the major determinants of how you will age.

The type of food you put in your body differs in nutritional quality and the metabolic processes it will create. Live living foods will support the body’s biochemical processes and provide vitality and life force. However processed and denatured food will drain the body of energy and create a toxic load on the system as it tries to process the nutrient poor food.

Some food rules to assist you in ageing well:

  1. Limit your intake – research has shown that the less you eat the longer you live. This is because as food intake decreases, metabolic action decreases and free radicals formed by this metabolic process are decreased. Less free radicals means less cellular damage.

  2. Balanced sugar levels – High blood sugar causes damage to your tissues, organs and skin. Reduce your consumption of all refined sugars.

  3. Eat colourful foods – Colourful fruit and vegetables derive from pigments. These are high in antioxidants which decrease free radical damage. Include raspberries, blueberries, carrots, beetroots

  4. Cook at Low temperatures – High heat cooking generally produces harmful substances. Both foods high in fat and carbohydrates are known to produce carcinogenic substances. Cooking at low vegetables or steaming is a better way to preserve nutritional content, however eating more raw live foods will provide you with the most nutritional content and life force.

  5. Eat organic – Organic foods have shown to have more nutritional value than non-organic foods. Organic food is virtually free of contaminants such as herbicides and pesticides which place fewer demands on your body’s detoxification processes.

  6. Eat Superfoods – these foods are high in nutritional value and easy to assimilate placing less load on the body. These include acai, maca, goji and cocoa

  7. Juice daily – concentrated form of high nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes which are easily absorbed and assimilated in the body.

  8. Drink purified water – Your body is 70-80% made up of water. It regulates your metabolism and facilitates millions of biochemical processes within the body. Drink between 2-3 litres a day as drying is dying. Drink water and stay hydrated!


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