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Why we are excited about Green Juices!

Freshly squeezed juices are an essential part of a good detox program for several reasons. They are packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while being easy on the digestion, they are cleansing and alkalizing to the body, and they also help to boost energy levels during periods of fasting. But green juices are the best of all. Here’s a few reasons why.

Green veggies are the most nutrient dense veggies

Using superfoods like kale and spinach in your juice will give it an instant vitamin and mineral boost. Dark green, leafy veggies are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium as well as antioxidants and therapeutic phytonutrients.

Green juices have extra detoxifying powers

Green veggies are rich in chlorophyll, the pigment which gives them their wonderful rich green colour. Chlorophyll helps to detoxify the liver, kidneys and bowel, and is often associated with beautiful, clear, healthy skin. The herb coriander is also a great alkaliser and helps to eliminate heavy metals from the body.

Green juices are alkalizing to the body

Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, fried foods, meat and processed foods are all considered to be acidic to the body. When the body is acidic it is more prone to illness and is a perfect environment for chronic disease. Green veggies are alkalizing to the body, helping to restore a healthy balance.

A word on juicers

Although any freshly squeezed juice is better than none, cold pressed juices are superior as they contain more nutrients as well as enzymes which help with digestion. They keep all nutrients and enzymes intact where the centrifuge juicers oxidise and destroy a lot of the nutrients and enzymes. Cold press juicers are a fair bit more expensive than standard home juicers but they last a long time and are a great investment in your health. You can truly feel and taste the difference.

Want to get juicing? Here are a few recipes for you to try :

Detox breakfast juice – beetroot, kale, apple, celery, lemon and ginger

Super green alkaliser – celery, parsley, cucumber, green apple and kale/spinach

“Mojito” mocktail (even non-juicing friends will love it!) – green apple, cucumber, lime and mint

More green juices:

Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple and lemon

Fennel, celery, cucumber, green apple, coriander and lime

At Byron Bay Detox Retreats our health retreat provides all organic and cold pressed juices offering you the highest quality in nutrition and supporting you to optimum health.


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