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7 Essential Minerals For Health & Vitality

Minerals are incredibly important for our everyday health and wellbeing. They are needed for just about every function in the body. When we are low in minerals our hair, skin and nails are often the first to suffer, becoming brittle, dry, weak and slow growing. But there are many other reasons to keep your minerals topped up.


Needed for healthy blood and transport of oxygen around the body, iron deficiency can result in chronic tiredness and a lowered immune system. Iron is also important for bone health, healthy brain function and regulation of body temperature. E.g. grains, eggs, spinach, red meat, parsley.


Crucial for muscle function and prevention of cramps, magnesium is also required for a healthy nervous system, cardiovascular system and normalization of blood pressure. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar and prevent sugar cravings. E.g. nuts, cacoa, sea vegetables, spinach, beans quinoa.


We all know that calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth, but it is also needed for muscle function, nerve function, cardiovascular health and prevention of cramps. E.g. dairy products, green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds.


Zinc deficiency leads to a lowered immune system, leaving you susceptible to colds, flues and other infections. Zinc is also super important for prevention and treatment of acne, eczema and other skin disorders. Vegetarians, teenagers and pregnant women need increased amounts. E.g. eggs, mushrooms, red meat, oysters, spinach, tofu.


Needed for brain function and a healthy thyroid, iodine is crucial in the first few weeks of pregnancy for the baby’s brain development. This mineral is often depleted in Australian soils, especially in Tasmania, resulting in insufficient amounts in our foods. However, you don’t have to resort to using iodised salt – just include some sea vegetables in your diet for an easy boost. E.g. seaweed, kelp, wakame, dulse


This is the true “beauty nutrient,” helping to grow health hair, skin and nails. However, silica is also an essential part of other connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments and bone matrix. E.g bananas and wholegrains.


Known as the anti-cancer mineral, selenium is a very important antioxidant. It is also needed for prostate health and sperm production. E.g. brazil nuts, fish, turkey, tofu, grains.

Byron Bay Detox Health Retreats recommend that apart from following a nutrient dense eating plan and taking supplements, a great way to increase your mineral stores is to reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol – as both of these can prevent absorption and flush out minerals which would otherwise have been absorbed. Increasing your intake of superfoods like spirulina and kale are another great way of giving your body a quick boost.

Top up your minerals and it won’t just be your hair, skin and nails which will reap the benefits but your overall health!


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