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The Truth Surrounding the Digital Era & How Not to Be a Victim of It

As a society we are becoming more & more aware of the health consequences associated with eating certain foods, consuming alcohol, coffee & other stimulants as well as the importance of eradicating them from our system through the process of a cleanse. But are we aware of the damage our devices are causing us, or are we simply turning a blind eye to it?

In the grand scheme of things, the digital age is still fairly new to us, especially at the rate in which we consume. But it’s growing by the day, with most services becoming available at the click of a finger. More and more reasons to be glued to our Smartphones keep popping up. But how much is too much? And when is enough, enough?

In a recent study in South Korea, doctors concluded that excessive device use can lead to short-term memory loss, attention deficit issues and problems regulating emotions – symptoms that are typically associated with severe head injuries, strokes and psychiatric disorders.

In an age where we are expected to be contactable around the clock, with responses coming in hard and fast – do we ever get a chance to actually check-out, reset and rest?

Here are some helpful tips to reduce smartphone usage:

  • Turn off notifications (this prevents the constant influx of reasons to be online)

  • When in the company of others, keep your phone out of sight.

  • Turn your phone to flight mode, or better yet – switch it OFF between 9pm – 7am. We really don’t need that radiation zapping us & disturbing our sleep.

  • Make your bedroom a phone-free zone.

  • Work yourself up to hourly digital detoxes where you switch off all devices entirely. Start with 1 hour and see how long you can last.

All of these steps will allow you to be more present in each moment, connecting you to your true self and the beauty surrounding you.


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