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The Forces of Positive & Negative Ions

Our environment has such a strong influence over our physical, emotional and mental state of being. There is no denying that nature casts a certain type of magic spell over us whenever we are in her presence. A feeling of relaxation, peace and calm resonates deep within. But there is more than just magic to this. The forces of positive and negative ions are at play.

Scientifically speaking, an ion is an atom that has a positive or negative charge. They are found all around us, in every environment available to humankind. They are capable of evoking a wide range of responses in both plants and animals. These invisible, charged particles affect our physical and mental wellbeing and can lead us to a sense of either anxiety or euphoria.

Positive ions are produced in the presence of pollution from many factors such as electronic devices (televisions, phones, computers etc), cars & planes, machinery, emissions, artificial light, toxic carpeting/upholstery/paint, chemicals, pollen, mould and a scarcity of oxygen producing plants. Factors commonly found in cities. These particles are detrimental to our health as they are invisible to the naked eye and can be easily absorbed through your skin and lungs. They lead to inflammation, depression mood swings, anxiety, chronic pain, allergies, and more.

Negative ions, on the other hand, (atoms or molecules with more electrons than protons) are created when water evaporates – found in forests, near large bodies of water such as rivers, waterfalls and beaches. They are also naturally more present in the environment during the warmer months. They have a wide array of beneficial effects on the body as they increase oxygen levels in the blood, strengthen the immune system, promote cell rejuvenation, and enhance vitality of muscle tissue. This explains that ‘happy high’ feeling we experience over summer.

If you find yourself feeling depleted after being around the city, traffic, large groups of people, in a supermarket/shopping mall, travelling etc try to neutralise your exposure to positive ions by visiting a creek, river, the ocean or simply take a walk through nature. This will be particularly beneficial if you are barefoot as you will be able to harness the healing powers of Earthing.

Discovering the power of your environment to harm and to heal is another step towards living a life of conscious intention.


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