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Surviving Christmas

Christmas blowout? – What to do if you overindulge

We often go into the festive season with loads of good intentions, right? The party where you swore you’d only have one or two drinks. The lunch where you went soooo well… until the crackling/pudding/chocolates came out. And the snacks you only ate because they were, well… there!

But all is not lost. Don’t beat yourself up about it – you’re only human! Instead, why not focus on the steps you can take to get back on track. Here’s some tips to save you from Christmas blowout.

Do not accept offers of take-home leftovers.

No matter how tempting they are, stodgy leftovers just drag on for days, asking to be eaten every time you open the fridge. It’s best not to take them home in the first place. Or if you had Christmas at your house, give the leftovers away.

Make sure your fridge is fully stocked with ingredients for juices and smoothies.

Sometimes a vitamin-filled green drink is all that’s necessary to reset your body (and mind). Nothing feels better than a green juice or smoothie the morning after a day of eating too much. You will feel cleaner, lighter and energized in no time!

Sweat it out.

Overindulge at Christmas and it may show up in your skin. Breakouts, eczema and oily skin are a sign that your body isn’t coping with the amount of toxins going in. A trip to the sauna can open up pores and help to eliminate nasties. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not head to a post-Christmas Bikram yoga class

Water, water, water

Want to clear those toxins out fast? Keeping up your water intake can help the kidneys, bowels and skin to excrete toxins more efficiently. Drinking too much alcohol can result in dehydration (especially during an Aussie summer!), so keep some coconut water handy too – this is charged with electrolytes to help with speedy rehydration.

Take some liver herbs

You can start these prior to Christmas as a proactive approach, not just after you’ve overindulged. Dandelion and St Mary’s Thistle are especially useful in supporting and detoxifying the liver.

Kick-start your digestion

Start your day with some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in warm water. This will help to fire up your digestion for a day of feasting, preventing heartburn and bloating by boosting digestive enzymes.

Make a fruit platter

Got a boxing day BBQ to go to? Take a fruit platter, filled with colour. Forget apples, oranges and bananas – fill it with strawberries, mangoes, watermelon, paw paw, kiwifruit, honeydew melon, cherries and decorate with pomegranate seeds. Chances are, there will be some other guests there who will welcome the healthy treat after a day of overindulgence.

Take time out to relax

When we are busy, sugary foods look tempting as a quick source of energy. By taking even just a few minutes for a quick meditation or a few yoga poses, you have a chance to reset your healthy intentions and reduce the amount of adrenaline coursing through your body. A few deep breaths and you will be good to go again!

And remember, if you feel you need some extra help, we have detox retreats coming up in both January and February, with organic juices, mineral broths, raw food preparation classes, colonic hydrotherapy and a wealth of healing and purification activities.

Have a happy and safe festive season, and may 2014 bring you an abundance of health and happiness.


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