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New Year's Resolutions

Getting back on track without the guilt!

The silly season is finally winding down for another year, and as we all turn our attention to New Year’s resolutions, you could be forgiven for feeling like another year has passed by all too quickly. The New Year’s resolutions of 2013 may be a long forgotten, dusty file in the back of your mind, but around the corner is the opportunity to reset your intentions.

If your 2013 didn’t quite live up to your healthy expectations, that’s ok! They’re just dates on the calendar after all, and as much as the tradition of New Year’s resolutions can help us to set goals, for some of us it’s too much pressure, followed by guilt if it doesn’t work out. And guilt, shame and self-loathing have no place in a sparkling, healthy 2014!

So, for a more positive spin on an old yearly tradition, let’s inject some self-love, gentleness and positive manifestation into the process.

Firstly, resolutions like “lose weight,” “eat healthier,” or “get fit” don’t send a message of clear intention to either your conscious or subconscious mind. In order for your inner self to really sit up and take notice, it needs a stronger, more tangible message. The following are examples of intentions that map out a clear plan for a healthy new year.

“Lose 1kg per month for 12 months”

“Do 30 minutes of exercise 3 times every week”

“Eat 5 servings of vegetables every day, at least 5 days per week”

Have a plan in place, complete with fallback options. What are you going to do if you slip up? Is there a way to get back on track? The 3 examples above all have a small amount of leeway. Perhaps if you only exercise twice one week, you could catch up by doing 4 days the following week. If you only lose half a kg one month, perhaps you can make it up next month? And notice it says 5 serves of veggies 5 days per week, not 7 days per week? (Aim for 7 though!) This way, there is no “fail.” You simply pick up the pieces and keep moving forward at your preferred pace.

Watch your language

We are all experts at manifesting our lives, whether we know it or not. And what we speak out loud is often what we manifest. So why not turn your new years resolution into a positive affirmation? To inject the subconscious mind with genuine positivity, it all comes down to language. Instead of stating your intention as a future event, to really dig it deep into all the layers of your mind, change it to the present tense. Your subconscious will recognize “the now”, it clicks that something is happening, and the result is positive change. Here are the same examples again, this time altered to become daily affirmations.

“I am now losing weight at the healthy rate of 1kg per month”

“I now enjoy exercising 3 times per week and I feel great”

“I nourish my body by eating 5 serves of veggies every day”

See the difference? Creating your affirmation as a present tense statement indicates that something is happening right now, and your mind will accept it as reality.

And above all else, please be kind to yourself. You are an awesome, loving, wonderful human being, and part of what it is to be human is to slip up, and try, try again. Be gentle with yourself and seek assistance from professionals who can help with your journey, whether it be a naturopath, a personal trainer, a raw food chef, or just some likeminded, healthy living friends to hang with. We here at Byron Bay Detox Retreats would love to assist you on your journey with your new positive outlook!

What is your New Year’s resolution?


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