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Cleanse Your Home, Lift Your Vibration

The new year is now in full swing. There is an air of positivity running through our veins as we get excited about the prospect of a fresh start and all the things we are going to achieve in 2019. It is important that your home compliments this clean slate, after all, it is where we rise & fall each day and will set the tone for your day ahead. If your home is cluttered and holding onto things that weigh you down, or perhaps stagnant energy from the past – this will affect your outlook on life and tie you down to a feeling of mess & chaos. It is hard to move forward positively from this anchor. Now is the time to break free from those shackles, clear out the old and welcome the new.

Just as our bodies need to cleanse & shed, so do our homes. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your home and how much stuff you’ve accumulated along the way, you may need to dedicate up to 1 whole day to cleansing & restoring your space. Pick a date and make no excuses, this practice will ultimately lift your entire mood, raise your vibration and set you up for a creative & productive year ahead.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Start by going through each room and without giving it too much time, grab the things that have been collecting dust & have no purpose in your life. Perhaps someone else could find better use of them? Ask yourself – when was the last time I used this (if ever)? Does it serve me in my life or could I benefit from passing it on? Then put it in the pile and move on. Don’t look back. Include your wardrobe in this process. Less is more, it will make you feel lighter and clear your mind. Go through cupboards and drawers as well as they are often the dumping ground for bits & pieces you once planned to sort out later. Now is the time! Once you have removed all the belongings from your home that you no longer need – hold a garage sale, list items online or simply donate to charity at the end of your clean out.

Refresh your operational spaces

The kitchen is a sacred space. The more you cook at home, the better. That way you know exactly what you’re eating and can create some really lovely dishes while having fun & getting creative. Start with the fridge. Years can go by without noticing that exotic condiment you needed for 1 meal has long expired. Take everything out of the fridge and separate the waste from what you want to keep. Give your fridge a good clean while it is empty. Get rid of all sugary, processed jars. Your fridge should be full of fresh produce. Anything that has a shelf life more than a few weeks is probably full of toxic preservatives. Once you’re done with the fridge, move onto the cupboards and repeat this process. Do the same to the bathroom and your home office if you have one.

Cleanse your home

We shared some truly awesome natural alternatives to store-bought cleaning products which you should use throughout your entire home. Enlist the help of your housemates or family and choose a room each. Dust, vacuum & mop thoroughly. Don’t forget the windows! Each room will sparkle with inviting, creative energy.

Adopt a little feng shui

According to some feng shui principles, your front door should be looking its best. This is the first thing a person sees when entering your home. No flakey paint, loose door handles or damage. Sand it, paint it, whatever you have to do to get it looking lovely & inviting. The first space you enter should also be charming. No filled cupboards, clutter, dirty shoes etc. Minimise this space and perhaps sit a plant here instead. Remotes, electronic cables and appliances should be as invisible as possible. The bathroom door & toilet seat should always be closed to prevent unwanted energy from entering the home. Mirrors should be kept outside of the bedroom so you can enter a restful space, rather than one with thoughts of self-image. The best place for a mirror is on the back on the bathroom door. These little changes can be made by anyone and will go a long way.

Purify the air

Cleanse the air & remove stagnant energy through the use of indoor plants, salt lamps, incense, essential oils & smudge sticks. Indoor plants naturally oxygenate & purify the air. Remember to water them regularly & re-pot them as they continue to grow. Diffuse or burn essential oils such as clove for mould problems, eucalyptus/peppermint/lemon for respiratory enhancement or lavender for relaxation. Burn a sage smudge stick to expel negative energy – run it along the border of all windows & doors. See our full list of tips on how to purify your home.

By the end of the day, you should feel lighter & totally in love with your home. This is a great feeling to hold onto and will provoke so much more creativity & productivity out of you in 2019.


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