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Byron Bay Detox Retreats’ unique and nourishing Meals for Healing recipe ebook contains 55 vegan recipes from juices, smoothies, meals, desserts, dips and sauces. It has been formulated by detoxification specialist and naturopath, Natalie Purcell, to support cleansing and revitalise your body.


Natalie Purcell (B.Nat, I-ACT), is one of Australia’s leading detox specialists and has more than 20 years’ of personal experience in cleansing, detoxification and colonic hydrotherapy. Natalie has devoted her life’s work to purification and has helped thousands of souls overcome toxic lifestyles and exposure to polluted environments.


Natalie understands how important alkalising our bodies is to prevent disease – so to provide an extra helping hand she has created this recipe book. Meals for Healing contains a variety of alkalising, antioxidantrich, nutritious meals that are free from dairy, gluten and processed sugar. This book was designed to assist detoxification, healing, weight-loss, liberation from illness and to inspire a sense of freedom in the kitchen.

Meals for Healing Recipe eBook

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