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Ten Toxic Terrors

  1. Exposure to heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium from the human-made environment

  2. Pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture

  3. Our nutrient poor, calorie dense diet

  4. Highly processed foods with preservatives and added artificial chemicals and additives

  5. Genetically modified and engineered foods

  6. Damage from alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs and pharmaceutical medications

  7. Synthetic hormones and antibiotics consumed via food

  8. Poor water supply

  9. Polluted air we breathe

  10. High stress levels leading to excessive internal stress hormone production

  11. Electromagnetic radiation exposure

  12. Exposure to chemicals used in housing, construction, domestic cleaning, cosmetics and personal care products

We can not escape these toxic terrors and they accumulate in our body resulting in stress and dis-ease. It is vital to undergo a detox once a year to eliminate these toxins from our system and to support our bodies to function more efficiently and effectively. Escape to one of our Byron Bay Detox Health Retreats where you can take that toxic load off and achieve the optimal health that your deserve.


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