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Self Care Tips for the Festive Season

Byron Bay Detox Retreat’s Self Care Tips for the Festive Season

Are you rushing, panicking, wondering how you’ll get everything done, everything ‘right’ for Christmas? Take a breath, a pause. What’s really important?

Gatherings with family and friends are so much more enjoyable if everyone’s relaxed.

Share time together in preparation for the celebration.

Plan together, cook together, include the kids, put on some music and dance together. Everything’s easier when you’re smiling.

Lower your standards slightly (and your blood pressure) and enjoy every task related to Christmas. If you’re doing things that you’re not enjoying, maybe its best that you don’t do them.

Consider simplifying things. Colourful fruit platters, baked vegetables, green salads, a barbecued fish, are all tasty, nourishing and easy to prepare.

Choose not to buy processed or over packaged foods.

It’s hot in Australia in December – think Water – swim in it, splash under it, drink it. For every glass of alcohol you drink, have a glass of water. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated.

Remember to take time out. Even amongst the hustle and bustle of Christmas each day, stop and do something for yourself to refill your cup. A walk in nature, a swim at the beach, a massage, yoga, meditate or simply just rest in stillness doing nothing but simply ‘being’. Give to yourself during this time too so that you may start your celebrations relaxed rejuvenated and ready for fun.

If you need that extra time out for you coming in to the new year. Why not join us on our beachfront detox and yoga retreats where you will be nurtured and restored back in to balance.

Gift yourself and love yourself!


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