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Harness the Healing Power of Crystals

Healing crystals are a powerful tool in harnessing untapped energy in order to attract or let go of what is not serving you, or what you are trying to manifest into your life. Crystals have been used for centuries to set intentions, tune into the universe, focus on attracting what we want from life and finding the strength to cope with certain situations.

Here are some of our favourite go-to’s:

Rose quartz for Love Rose quartz is the perfect stone for developing positive changes in your love life because it opens the heart chakra up to the energy of compassion. This can allow you to be more loving with yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, and significant others.

Clear quartz for Clarity If confusing or unclear situations present themselves – find the truth with the help of clear quartz which endows a better perspective and richer understanding. The surge of purifying energy that quartz crystal sends to all of your chakras can help cleanse the negative energy that may be tainting your perceptions.

Hematite for Stability If life seems to be a roller-coaster you can’t get off of, you may want to focus on finding stability and grounding. Grounding your energy in balanced peace and progress with hematite will help you to establish calm confidence so you can be more prepared to handle any rocky situations bound to arise.

Aventurine for Creativity Tap into your playful, passionate side with aventurine. Not for just the artist, aventurine is an ideal crystal for everyone seeking to be more adventurous with how they live their life. Break out of normalcy and learn to embrace the spark of spontaneity in your heart chakra. Connect with aventurine to find the inspiration your soul’s been craving.

Pyrite for Prosperity Turn your dreams into reality with pyrite! More than just a good luck charm – pyrite opens your eyes to see how you’ve been sabotaging your success and how you can transform your behaviour to encourage a flow of abundance.

Black Tourmaline for Strength & Letting Go No matter how much you know you need to do it, letting go can be difficult. To ease your grip on painful memories or toxic people, hold on to the energy of black tourmaline. This crystal will help you cut the cord of negative attachments so you can cleanse the energy of your past to find a revitalised sense of focus on your present. Black tourmaline also physically protects against electromagnetic radiation.

Knowing how crystals can help attract all sorts of abundance and good energy is one thing, but understanding how to actually incorporate them into your routine is another.

Here are some options for getting the most out of your healing crystals:

Wear them Keeping small crystals close by wearing them is one of the easiest ways harness their power. Doing so also acts as a constant reminder of what you want to receive from them.

Display them in your home

Aside from attracting all sorts of positive energy, crystals also act as nature’s art. Use them throughout your space to raise good vibes and create a place of beauty.

Meditate with them Decorate your shrine with crystals. Start with just one or two so you can really focus on your intention. Visualise them as your drift into your meditation. If you find yourself getting distracted by thoughts, go back to that visualisation.

Decide what you want to focus on first and use that crystal as your spiritual touchstone whenever you feel your focus veering. Together, with the energy of your crystal in hand, you’ll travel further down your spiritual path and inch closer to manifesting your destiny.

Tip: Regularly cleanse your crystals to clear energy & keep them effective. Rinse them in spring/rain/river/ocean water, smudge them with sage & place on the earth under a full moon to supercharge their effects.


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