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Explore the Wonders of Earthing & Grounding

Being aware of the interconnectedness of all plants, beings, animals and the earth – leads to the realisation of the necessity for us to not only understand this connection but to fully experience it on a physical level.

The earth on which we stand is a mecca of minerals, antioxidants, crystals, precious stones, nutrients and electromagnetic fields – making it a powerhouse of life force. By creating a direct connection to the earth by going barefoot, your body is able to absorb the earth’s limitless supply of free electrons. These electrons act as antioxidants and work by stabilizing and neutralizing harmful free radicals that result from inflammation, injury and/or toxins.

By doing this, you help decrease the risk of inflammation, degenerative diseases and other health ailments. While becoming more in tune with the rhythms of nature and the synchronised harmony which abounds us.

The root, or Sacral chakra, in particular, is based entirely on how our bodies are connected to the earth and acts as a natural energy pathway. Located at the base of the spine near the tailbone, the root chakra serves as an entry point for universal energies and sustains a healthy foundation for your bodily function.

It’s not surprising that with this concept in mind, Chinese tradition holds a heavy focus on strengthening and sustaining this root point. Earth Qi (or Chi) represents the patterns of energy and the earth’s magnetic field that we’re surrounded by. Many exercises that strengthen the body and mind (including yoga) are done barefoot which is the only way to truly absorb Earth Qi.

Synthetic materials used in footwear, such as rubber and plastic soles, block us from harnessing this connection. Depending on where you live, you may have to stretch your memory to recall the last time you were actually barefoot outdoors. Most city dwellers don’t get to experience this sensation often. But that’s all it takes to spark the reconnection and feel the truly transformative benefits of a technique known as ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ which is as simple as slipping off your shoes and finding contact with a patch of earth, sand, soil or grass.

Ways to ground yourself

  • Take a barefoot walk on the beach, the silica in the sand also acts as a fabulous skin exfoliant which will help you to shed dead cells and fully connect with the earth’s magnificence

  • Find a patch of grass in your backyard or public park, remove as much clothing as possible and lay down. This will also give you that extra hit of Vitamin D to lift serotonin levels.

  • Roll your sleeves up and get into the garden. Ayurvedic philosophy states that ‘gardening is the fastest cure for depression.’ Submerge your hands & feet in the soil – the bacteria on your skin will actually communicate with the food you are planting in order to calibrate it to suit whatever ailments you may have. Miraculous!

By truly connecting with the earth, that is without any blockages, we are able to harness the healing power that Mother Nature offers all sentient being while recalibrating and reconnecting with ourselves and all other life on earth.


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