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Detoxify Your Home

Decrease your toxic load by reducing and removing toxins from your home.

  1. Replace all toxic personal care products and household cleaning products with non-toxic products

  2. Try eco-friendly cleaners and paints that are low in volatile organic compounds in your house. Cleaners like bicarbonate of soda, eucalyptus oil and white vinegar are great for the environment and your family.

  3. Install air filters, commit to proper ventilation and have lots of indoor plants to filter the air.

  4. Buy water filters.

  5. Use feng shui to get the energy clear in your home. If the chi in your home cannot flow easily it can become stagnant and toxic, trapping negative energies.

  6. Use natural substances like orange essential oil to deal with pests in your home.

  7. Wear clothes that are made from organic fabrics. Do not dry-clean clothes.

  8. Avoid using plastics where you can.

  9. Eat organic produce where possible or soak non-organic produce in apple cider vinegar/white vinegar.

  10. Enhance digestion with enzyme and probiotic supplements.

  11. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

  12. Prevent conflict and criticism in the home as these negative emotions effect our physical health.

Here at Byron Bay Detox Retreats we see the importance of detoxing not only your body but your environment as well to minimise toxic exposure.


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