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Detox Your Emotions

Not only can toxins from our external world cause harm, but negative emotions coming from within us can cause toxic stress. This occurs when these emotions are suppressed, rejected, judged or lied about. If you allow these toxic emotions to accumulate and they are not dealt with in the right way, the emotional toxicity ultimately leads to physical toxicity. If these negative emotions are left unchecked and accumulate they may drain your energy, sabotage happiness and manifest as dis-ease in the body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine particular emotions are known to be related to specific organs of the body which may have a physiological effect on this organ if in excess. For example anger is related to the liver, worry and fear to the kidneys and grief to the lungs. Therefore if there is an excess in these emotions it will ultimately create disharmony/imbalance of this organ.

It is therefore important to be able to release and detoxify your emotions.

7 steps to dealing with toxic emotions

  1. Identify the emotion

  2. Observe the emotion and allow yourself to feel the emotion wherever it may express itself within the body

  3. Take responsibility of your feelings without feeling guilty and know you have the power to release this emotion

  4. Express your emotion to yourself whether it be by writing it down or audibly to yourself

  5. Release the emotion through physical ritual e.g meditate, write, massage, exercise, laugh, cry, nature or breathe

  6. Share the emotion

  7. Celebrate the detox process and nourish/reward yourself for letting go

Detoxing the emotions is just as important as cleansing your body and will allow you to feel light, clear and energized.


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