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7 Reasons To Welcome Summer With Byron Bay Detox Retreats

Summer is approaching and what better time to give yourself a gift as we prepare for 2018?

Here are seven reasons to entice you to love yourself in the first week of summer with a restoring week of organic juice fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, heavy metal and parasite cleanses and yoga and meditation at Byron Bay Detox Retreats.

  1. Warn off the ‘silly season’. Christmas is a time of celebration and often turns into the season of excess. It’s important to relieve our bodies and minds of the stress and toxins that has accumulated over the year, so whatever we do to celebrate the summer solstice season, it’s done with a healthy stomach and body and clear mind.

  2. Improve your immunity to holiday sickness. Fevers, summer flue or fatigue? Much has built up in our bodies and sometimes we don’t give them the ongoing attention they need. What we do know it is more difficult for any disease to grow in an alkaline environment – and after a week of cold-pressed, organic vegetable juices, herbal teas and mineral broths, you will become alkaline and your immune system will be fighting fit to enjoy the holiday you deserve.

  3. Take a break from addictions – and change your habits. Coffee in the morning, ‘smoko’, greasy food on the run and wind down with a few drinks. Sound hideous? Well, it is. Not only will your body thank you for the break, but our dedicated team of naturopathic professionals will counsel you on a post-fast plan to leave unhealthy lifestyles behind.

  4. Best range of alternative health professionals. While we have our signature program of liquid diet, exercise for the body, mind and soul and colonic hydrotherapy, Byron Bay Detox Retreats also brings together a highly-skilled team of therapists, so we can tailor a program according to your health needs and what suits you. We’re proud we have the best – Kahuna, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, lymphatic and remedial massage therapists, Reiki, spiritual and voice dialogue counsellors, intuitive healers and sound healers, hot stone therapists and more – so you can be nurtured and leave refreshed, revitalised and restored from your specialist program.

  5. You’re not alone. Some of our clients prefer their own space in a personalised retreat, but over the nourishing years we’ve found nothing more inspiring than seeing a like-minded group come together and share the rewarding journey of a detox program. It gives our clients the chance to form a bond over the week-long journey – and it just makes us so happy to facilitate transformations for an intimate group!

  6. Beachside cottages on spectacular Tallow Beach. Location is so vital as you undertake a cleanse and how blessed we are as our retreats are based footsteps away from on one of Byron’s most stunning beaches. The volcanic, quart-strewn basin is renowned for its ancient healing qualities – and from your fully self-contained cottage’s deck, you might want to follow a bush trail and check out the tea tree lake, or just amble as slowly as the bush turkeys as you take in a beach sunset. What better place to heal?

  7. A holistic health service offered at an affordable rate. Everybody has their own holiday budgets, but during a week with Byron bay Detox Retreats you’re not only relaxing by the beach in a cottage and taking a spot of yoga and meditation in our shala, but are also pampered by a team who are trained to love as much as they mean it! The true gift to us is witnessing our clients’ smiles and transformations and that’s why our retreats start at the all-inclusive starting price of only $2,990pp.

Time to reconnect and love yourself?

There a still a few places left for our retreat on December 3 to December 9. Give us a call on 0458 633 869 or drop us a line at and take the first step in your healing journey that will get your summer off to the right start.


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